1 m³ lamp, exposed in Oud Gastel (NL)

The 1 m³ lamp of EPHOKAM can now be seen in Oud Gastel (NL) at the exhibition site of the Cubicco company where it is exposed since August 7, 2012. Cubicco is a company that creates structures for working, living and recreating. Their philosophy is to make an atmosphere in which people will feel pleasant, comfortable and at home. Cubicco works often with natural materials, such as expanded cork. The basic form of a cube plays an important role in their design. The design of the 1 m³ lamp was meant to match Cubicco's design and merge in. With the autumn leaves falling and dawn kicking in earlier every day, the full beauty of the lamp can be enjoyed even better. 1 m³ will stay at Oud Gastel for at least a couple of months more.

EPHOKAM's Cubic LED lamp inspired by the lithograph of M.C. Escher
-Cubic Space Division, 1952-
is to be seen until the end of June 2012 at the terrace of Tante Loes, restaurant/lounge in Rhenen.

Waldemar, the founder of EPHOKAM

In the column "vision" of "Houtwereld" magazine of 20 january 2012 (year 65, nr 2) an interview with Waldemar Homan is given. Waldemar has studied wood technologies and has worked for more than 20 years at a number of research institutes. At present (2012) he is working half-time at TNO with a focus on Bio Based Economy. He also started his own company EPHOKAM which allows him to combine his creativity with his knowledge on material protection. Especially the treatment that prevents wood from getting grey is a unique selling point. An other important aspect of EPHOKAM is the individual design for clients.

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