EPHOKAM was founded by Waldemar Homan, born in Amsterdam 1966. Waldemar studied wood technology and spent most of his working life doing research on wood protection and wood modification.

Waldemar is also a designer with a preference to non-conventional solutions. Knowledge of technical possibilities and production techniques is the basis for good design. But he always keeps an eye on functionality! Ergonomic knowledge leads to furniture that is not only nice to watch, but also comfortable to use. This is only the basis, the rest will grow from careful listening to your wishes. The final design is the result of all of these ingredients: your personal wishes, our design adapted to those, good materials, good construction, good ergonomics. In short, a unique piece.

We believe in combining the best. Production is either in our own hands, or we commission parts to others if we believe they can do it better. In any case, we are standing behind the quality of the end-product. Any piece of ours will always be an EPHOKAM.